Welcome to Semester 1

Containing all my work(ish) of this semester of year 3, I’ve completed as much work, if not a little bit more than I should’ve, for each section. During our first lecture, we have been presented with our semester 1 plan (shown below), created by Adam in order to show us what is required for each section which has been put into phases to be more organised and correctly dedicate our time.

Adam’s Semester 1 Plan
Shown within the first presentation welcoming us back, we’re presented with this semester 1 plan which requires us to translate it.

To help you navigate around my blog, I have quickly added a summary of each section below to help you out along with hyperlinks to the pages themselves!


The page you’re currently on is the Home page! Here you’ll find a quick overview of all the sections placed in the blog and what to expect within them.


The Research section of the blog contains both Phases 1 and 2 shown above in the diagram drawn by Adam, along with a section dedicated to the workshops we took part in during these phases. Phase 1 is around us choosing four topics and gather quick research around each topic, whilst Phase 2 is around the specific topic I’ve chosen to go into detailed research about.

Ideation and Design

Containing Phase 3 and 4 of this semesters work, you’ll be thrown into possible ideas for a game to be made in semester 2. Phase 3 is based around creating ideas and concepts of ideas where the top 3 will be presented on Friday 30th November to the class. Upon choosing and gathering feedback from the class as well as Adam, we will then move onto Phase 4 where prototypes, a possible rough GDD and other aspects of the game intended to be made in Semester 2 will start to be planned and created.

Weekly Reviews

The Weekly Reviews section contains my schedules, tasks and other aspects of what happens week to week. During this time I’ll place images of what I’m dedicating my time to as well as my weekly schedule which I’ve created on my iPad and iPhone to place notes and such on lessons/lectures.